Anti Aging After 50

Anti Aging After 50

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Cognitive Decline

Anti Aging After 50You will at times hear older people and senior citizens say that their memory is “failing”. It’s amazing how some of the elderly can recall in every little detail events that happened tens of years earlier, but they struggle to remember an event that took place only a day or two earlier. Cognitive decline is the name given to this disorder.

In the past this would have been simply put down as a natural symptom of getting old, just part of the aging process.

The first signs that someone might be suffering with the disorder can be marked by their inability to deal with simple input tasks, not able to fully process basic information and poor judgement. Although the problem can on first inspection seem to be related to aging, it is becoming clearer that the real cause of cognitive decline can not all be lumped at the door of old age or cured by anti aging brain supplements.

The medical profession refer to cognitive decline as mild cognitive impairment or M.C.I for short and the unfortunate thing is that the sufferer will not always be aware they have a problem until someone close to them points it out. Sufferers of M.C.I will often go on to sufferer with Alzheimer’s Disease. Though the progression of M.C.I can be slow, those close to the sufferer, given adequate knowledge of the signs and symptoms, should be able to spot they are indeed experiencing some measure of cognitive decline.

It is all about educating ourselves enough to spot the following early symptom and signs of M.C.I.

  • Do they tend to forget everyday important personal information that in the past they knew, say their Birthday or Wedding Anniversary.
  • Inability to remember familiar words and friends or family names
  • Lack of visual perception
  • Not remembering if they have eaten their last meal or even eaten that day at all
  • Heightened ability to remember in detail things that occurred 30, 40 or more years previous
  • Decreased eye-hand coordination judgement, time/distance relationships and fine motor skills
  • Forgetting where everyday household items are kept
  • Having just read or watched something have they not digesting it enough to recall it only moments later
  • Continually misplacing or losing keys, wallet and phone
  • Not able to organize or plan simple tasks

2 or more of the signs above present in a loved one? sit them down and have a discussion with them about what you have noticed. Don’t be surprised if their initial reaction is one of denial, this is a common response when a persons weakened mental capability is mentioned and in itself can also be classed as a sign of them suffering from M.C.I.. Make an early appointment with a doctor or health professional to get your initial thoughts checked out.

Anti Aging After 50

Causes of Dementia and Cognitive Decline


So what measures can you include in an anti aging regime to combat the effects that M.C.I or other types of cognitive decline have in old age. One easy trick is to maintain cardiovascular health by exercising regularly. There’s no need to over do this, steady exercise or a brisk walk is enough to get the heart rate up and blood pumping to the areas where it’s needed.

Anti Aging After 50 Brain GamesTake an active part in social activities that include some level of mental stimulation. Play or take up chess as things that challenge the mind are a proven way of preventing and treating cognitive decline in older people and chess is just one of many effective anti aging brain exercises.

So to sum up, by adding regularly exercise, getting plenty of sleep, keeping the mind challenged by playing anti aging mind games and staying socially engaged to a balanced anti aging after 50 regime will maintain the minds health long into peoples senior years.


Anti Ageing Supplements

Anti Ageing Supplements

Anti Ageing Supplements ScienceAs in many other walks of life science is also leading the way in the search for new and effective anti ageing supplements.

Seems that those heading towards their golden years are not as willing to simply accept what in the past had been thought of as inevitable and are in fact the very first generation of youthful senior citizens.

They desire to look and feel young, not willing to accept ageing skin, grey hair, lines or wrinkles. They are spending more time in the gym and more money on anti aging products in their quest for a longer more active retirement. This has resulted in science taking the lead in the pursuit of essential anti aging supplements designed to add to the longevity of this new breed of “pensioner”.

One recent discovery by an Australian has led to the development of a drug that has the potential to slow down the aging process. SIRT1, an enzyme found naturally in the body, has been identified by scientists as one means of fending off age related disease and so expanding the bodies life-span.

The diseases it may have success with are those we are hearing more and more about every day. Cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer are all very much in the news but with the help of these life extension anti aging supplements they could become some thing we would no longer need to fear as we get older.

Anti Aging Supplements DNA ResearchAs DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) strands are unraveled, and we understand more about how we tick, an increased number of  studies are taking place in areas away from extending life expectancy. As I mentioned above, baby boomers are looking for the best anti-aging supplements to take to fight off or even reverse such things as facial lines and wrinkles, aging skin, greying hair and bulging waistline. For example, a Boston dermatologist is reported to be working on a solution to aging skin that involves protein enzymes supplements.

Recent advances in scientifically proven anti aging supplements, targeted towards anti-aging dietary supplements needs, means there are numerous products readily available, which are easily implemented and able to help fight off and even reverse visual signs of aging skin.

In our FREE anti aging supplements pdf, Anti Aging Made Easy, you will find many ways to fight back against the aging process. These are perennial methods that can help you pinpoint where you can improve your anti aging strategy, along with tips to take on the aging process and ultimately turn back the clock.

Don’t just age gracefully without a fight, you don’t have to. You can look for anti ageing supplements already developed and uncover the latest findings like stem cell anti aging supplements that will help you turbo-boost your wellness and see measurable results for the efforts you put in to stay young, look young, and feel young, not just today but in the months and years ahead.

Clinically Proven Anti Aging Supplements

David Wolf Interview with Lisa Garr looking into clinically proven anti aging supplements.

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