Anti Aging Superfoods For Your Anti Aging Diet

Anti Aging Superfoods: Why Include Brussels Sprouts In Your Anti Aging Diet

Anti Aging Health Benefits Of Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are remembered above all else as that small, round, hard as bullets vegetable that your mom served you up on your plate as a child. There’s little doubt that like most children you wouldn’t have wanted to eat them and the way they smelled while cooking is probably burned deeply into your memory bank. They were however put on your plate for a good reason, they are actually one of the top anti aging foods, which should make them an integral part of anyone’s anti aging foods diet.

Anti Aging SuperfoodLooking like mini cabbages, Brussels sprouts are loaded with minerals and vitamins that will work their magic on your body, skin and immune system. They are not only highly nutritious, but they are also a very versatile vegetable that can be used in any number of differing meals, meaning there are a variety of methods you can use to include them in your anti aging diet. With this number of options there’s no reason why you should get bored eating one of natures best anti aging foods in the world.

What Are Brussels Sprouts?

Brussels sprouts not only look like mini cabbages they are actually part of the Gemmifera family of cabbages. This type of cabbage are cultivated solely for their edible buds and believed to have got their name from the city of Brussels in Belgium, where it is thought they originated and remain very popular to this day. Early species of today’s Brussels sprouts were more than likely grown in Rome, though the sprouts eaten today probably appeared first around the 13th century and have remained a staple ingredient of Belgium cuisine for many years.

Brussels sprouts have continued to be popular due to their high nutritional value and versatility in the kitchen. They have supplied people with vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and other health boosting nutrients for many centuries. All this from the much maligned small, leafy vegetable that should be one of the first items on your anti aging food list.

Nutritional Value And Anti Aging Benefits

Anti Aging Superfood Brussels Sprout Nutritional FactsWhen used as an anti aging raw food, Brussels Sprouts are a rich source of healthy Vitamins C and K. They are also excellent anti-aging brain food for cognitive mental health, when raw they contain generous amounts of high quality B vitamins, an essential part of a healthy mental state. High in dietary fiber, protein, folic acids and one of the best sources of essential minerals, yet containing no cholesterol, Brussels sprouts have earned the right to be included in any list of anti aging food.

Just a word to the wise, in case your are not aware, much the same as other types of cabbage, if eaten to excess they can cause an overactive bowel. It is therefore best to consume them in moderation only, little and often being the best way to eat them as over eating often leads to gas and/or bloating.

Anti Aging Foods For Beautiful Skin

If you are looking for anti aging skin care food then this veg is a great source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant the body needs to maintain healthy mucus membranes , skin, and also helps promote eye health in old age. Vegetables rich in vitamin A have also been known to increase protection against certain types of cancer, like oral cavity cancer and cancer of the lungs. How much help Brussels sprouts offer in fighting cancer is still being studied, though results point to them being very efficient in the fight against cancer causing free radicals and flushing out harmful body aging toxins.

Also, with them being a leading sources of vitamin K, the vitamin responsible for bone health and preventing bone disease or disorder like osteoporosis, they are in the top five anti aging foods for seniors. In addition to these nutrients, Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of the following minerals: copper, iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Unlike other plant based foods and grains, sprouts are not necessarily used for any one specific problem. Because they are rich in many vitamins and minerals they are best used long term as a highly nutritious anti aging vegetarian food item.

As I have already said, Brussels sprouts are known to help with a high number of health problems associated with getting old by providing the body with the support it needs to maintain strong bones, remove toxins from the body fight cancer inducing free radicals, regulate your metabolism, promote stronger muscles, oxygenate blood cells, maintain a healthy brain and do so much more. These anti-aging superfoods for seniors are a do-it-all vegetable that promotes optimal health and wellbeing far into your senior years.

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Different Ways Of Cooking This Anti Aging Superfood

It’s not too difficult to add Brussels sprouts into your anti aging food habit, they are easy to prepare and are able to be used in so many different dishes. They are so versatile they can be roasted, baked, stir fried, shredded and even eaten in their raw state. They make a great addition to pasta dishes, soups, casseroles, salads, in fact I personally think there is no wrong or right way of eating what has to be one of the finest anti-aging healthy foods around.

So even though in the past your love of Brussels sprouts was restricted to just once a year, don’t wait until Christmas, Brussels sprouts deserve to be a central ingredient in your anti aging food diet simply because they are the best anti aging food to eat.

How To Grow This Anti Aging Superfood