At times, translators were involved

OP also reasons that going top would not be smart on his part because the darius udyr would have the 2v2 advantage especially early game because udyr started doran blade in jungle. OP says the plan as j4 in that situation is to avoid udyr, farm until 6, and then have more impact when he has an ulti vs no ulti and increased advantage from having a jungle item. Fwii goes to rant in stream (not in chat) about how udyr was camping him and j4 is doing nothing OP wrote that this was not very relevant because udyr did not get a single assist and j4 was able to hit 6 faster by covering mid in a fizz vs riven matchup and farming bot jungle into ganking bot for a double kill OP adds that he counter ganked mid right after to get another double kill onto Fizz as they had the level advantage of level 7 and 6 vs level 5 and 5 OP then sees that fwii died top in a 1v1 with darius and that darius was low at 200 hp.

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