Anti Aging Products for Men

Anti Aging Products for Men

Anti Aging Products Targeted At Women Not MenOnly a few years back anti aging products were heavily targeted towards women. Most of the products on offer were marketed in the beauty niche as anti aging creams, lotions or moisturizers and aimed at professional or business women, women who just wanted to look younger. Fast forward to today and men now make up an ever increasing percentage of buyers, so much so that recently manufacturers have responded to this new market trend and released a whole host of anti aging products designed specifically for men.

Anti Aging Skincare for Men

Gone are the days when wrinkles only bothered women, men are just as unhappy to see wrinkles, crows feet or fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Blotchy, discolored dry skin is also a problem for the male gender and it makes them look a lot older than they really are. In the past it may not have bothered them too much, but times have really changed and men are increasingly looking for anti aging solutions, just like the ladies.

As with us women, it’s not just about going out and purchasing the best anti aging creme for men or anti wrinkle cream for men, there are more steps to take than slapping on the latest and greatest men’s anti aging skincare brand.

The first thing to do is to make certain your skin is naturally hydrated by taking on board more water. I know, you can’t drink eight glasses of water, funny that because I bet you’d not have the same problem with eight pints of beer!! Only kidding around. An increase in the amount you already drink will only benefit your skin and health, but try to increase your intake as you progress. Try to get into a little and often routine with your intake of water, you will find it much easier and it’s a proven fact that more of what you put in doing it this way will be retained.

Eating plenty of fruit and veg is always going to help with your skincare regime (and health), whether you are male or female. Try to hit your five a day and when you’ve achieved that you can go for 7 portions, this is the new recommended amount the boffins reckon we should be eating every day. This is linked to the theory that water when “eaten” is better retained than when you drink it.

Men’s Anti Aging Skin Care System

Anti Aging Male Aging Process Slowed By ShavingFor men two of the most natural ways to help with aging skin is to wash and to shave. Washing regularly removes dead skin cells and makes way for new, fresher cells that keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. With shaving it’s a double edge sword (excuse the pun). I recognize the process can be harsh, some men really do suffer with irritated skin and shaving rashes, but the process of wet shaving removes those pesky dead skin cells like nothing else. Try to shave regularly and if you do suffer then keep your skin hydrated and plump. Try to steer clear of alcohol based skin products, that includes electric pre-shave and also many aftershaves, try a moisturizer instead.

Even though you do shave (if you do that is), it’s good to occasionally exfoliate (but don’t let your mates down the pub know will you). Not everyday, but once or twice a week is going to help rehydrate and plump up your skin when you do moisturize.

A common mistake us women make on a regular basis is not separating out products. Different areas of the body need different anti aging products. Moisturizers are OK for the face but you should avoid applying this to the delicate areas around the eyes and use an anti aging eye serum instead. Remember that anti aging eye cream is more delicate than face cream which is gentler than an anti aging creme for the body.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to split your skin care regime up into day and night routines. You should be washing and moisturizing twice a day, but if that does not fit in with your day you can purchase a moisturizer that is designed to be used anytime during the day. Your morning routine will wash off dead cells that have appeared during the overnight skin restoration process and the night routine will wash away the free radicals that you have been exposed to during your day. The intensity of these free radicals will depend on your environment, they are more prevalent in the city, but we are all exposed to them where ever we live and work.

Male Anti Aging Cream

Choosing the correct men’s anti ageing cream is very important and your choice should be based on a number of factors, one being whether you have sensitive skin or not. It’s also important to protect yourself from the suns harmful rays. Moisturizers can now be easily purchased that have a high SPF level of protection and I suggest choosing one with a minimum factor of 20 but if you spend your day in the open air then go for a 30+ SPF. Sun is the number one cause of aging skin so protect yourself every day without fail.

Anti Aging Products For Men Retinol Vitamin A Compound 3D Anti Aging Products For Men Retinol Vitamin A Compound





If your skin care regime is twice a day then choose anti aging creams for men that have Retinol as an ingredient. Retinol, when applied at night, helps repair the damage to your skin caused by exposure to the sun during the day. A word to the wise though, Retinol when applied in the morning can leave your skin more sensitive and so prone to damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Testosterone Therapy for Men

Like I said at the start of this piece, skin care is not only about creams and lotions, though they are an important weapon in men’s anti aging arsenal. As men age they naturally lose testosterone, a hormone that is vital if you want to keep looking young and full of beans. To help with the problem there are testosterone boosting anti aging supplements for men that restore levels nearer to where they should be. Natural Androsome Creams combat the gradual decline in testosterone levels that men generally begin to experience from about forty, though some guys will start before this time of their lives.

Look out for the following wide range of symptoms if you do think your testosterone levels could be an issue:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Loss of bone mass
  • Increased fatigue
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Memory loss
  • Balding
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low energy levels
  • Less muscle mass, more fat
  • Mood swings

Anti Aging Men MenopauseA rapid loss of testosterone can result in you becoming at risk of developing heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and other serious health problems. By taking testosterone anti aging supplements for men those risks are considerably reduced. In addition your blood pressure, triglycerides numbers and cholesterol and your bloods ability to clot will also benefit to the good.

Male Anti Aging Supplements

Not only should the male anti aging supplements you take be restricted to boosting testosterone, another area where the men’s anti aging regimen should be targeting is antioxidant supplements that will protect the body, both internally and externally, from free radical pollution you encounter everyday. This pollution can’t be seen but it is all around us caused by the increased use of heavy metals in today’s world.

You can start with a multi vitamin made specifically for men. They even have some for men over 50, so make sure you pick one that’s right for your age and gender and not a one size fits all.

You might want to talk to your doctor about adding an aspirin to your daily intake too. This can help you avoid a problem that’s very common to men as they age – heart disease. Aspirin will keep your blood flowing and work to prevent colon cancer. But it can also cause stomach issues, so let your doctor monitor your intake.

You might also want to get started on carnitneis. This is a supplement that helps you convert that beer belly into muscle. It does more than that, though. It helps reduce chest pain, is proven to assists older people with memory retention, helps diabetics, reduces fatigue, and also works as an anti depressant.

Anti Aging Benefits Of Carnitine

Watch this video to find out just how L-Carnitine or ALCAR, the male Nootropic anti aging supplement name for naturally occurring Carnitine, can help with antiaging.


Fish oil is another supplement you want to make sure you’re taking. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil pills contribute to heart health. It lowers your triglycerides numbers and improves cholesterol. Another thing that fish oil does is helps you retain proper eye health. This is something that typically worsens as we age. Fish oil helps with macular degeneration, but it also helps with glaucoma.

Some people suggest that men should start taking an HGH (human growth hormone) when they begin aging faster than they’d like to. There is a debate brewing about this one, so you’ll need a doctor’s consultation before embracing it.

CoQ10 might also be worth looking into as well. It helps with cellular functions, and that keeps you energetic and healthy as you age. It helps with many of the bodies functions – but is particularly good at fighting the causes of heart disease.

Male Aging And Libido

Earlier we mentioned the benefits of Carnitine/Carnipure/Alcar has on reducing that beer belly when taken as a male Nootropic anti aging supplement, well it also has another useful function. As men get older their sperm count decreases quite dramatically, taking carnitine/Carnipure/Alcar will increase the sperm count. It also increases the blood flow which can only help with blood supply to the penis, though no studies have been done on this subject.

Aging Male Erectile DysfunctionWhich leads us in nicely to the next sexual dysfunction and that’s aging male erectile dysfunction. Suffering from not being able to get an erection, maintain an erection or the erection not being hard enough for penetration, can be humiliating for men, but also lead to other serious health issues such as depression. The statistics don’t lie, by the time a man reaches 65 he has a 25% chance of suffering from taking longer to get an erection or not being able to get an erection at all, impotence.

It could be a problem caused by the medication you are taking or from another illness you are suffering from, like heart disease or diabetes or it could be as a result of a loss of libido. It doesn’t matter at the outset what the cause is, you need to speak with a doctor or medical professional quickly so they can help you find a solution to the problem.

Viagra is not the only thing that works and as you possibly are aware, not everyone is safe taking the little blue pill. No need to put yourself in danger, don’t be tempted to take Viagra before you have spoken with the doctor or sexual health professional.

As you get older you tend to think that sexually transmitted diseases are confined to those younger and possibly more sexually active than yourself, but a report that surfaced back in 2012 warned of the growing number of cases of STD’s in older people, more specifically syphilis. Always practice safe sex and wear a condom.

Male Aging And Depression

Aging brings with it a decline in your mental health much the same as your physical health deteriorates. However, it’s not something you have to accept as being inevitable. Just the same as choosing a men’s anti aging regimen for your skin and body you can decide to put in place a mental health anti aging strategy that will specifically target mental capabilities.

The following are just some of the growing issues an ever increasing aging population are finding themselves victims of:

  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Memory loss
  • Anxiety

A lack of knowledge leads many men to the opinion that this is how it has to be. They consider it normal, just another part of getting old and as such they fail to get the help they need which, if picked up at an early stage, could be a relatively simple treatment.

As with so many health issues, one problem leads to another and so it is with mental health. A man might be suffering from some unrelated physical health issue that leads to a bout of depression, which in turn could lead to anxiety and stress that can contribute to heart disease. The circle does not finish there because when they are then diagnosed as having heart disease this will inevitably cause heightened stress and anxiety levels which deepens the depression further.

Anti Aging Mental Health Two Old -Men Playing ChessTake up a new pastime and brush up on those social skills you might have lost during the time bringing up the children. One big anti aging secret is to get out more. Sitting at home alone only cuts you off from the outside world, making you bitter and sad towards the situation you find yourself in.

One recent sad statistic that surfaced a year or so ago was reported in The Washington Post (and no doubt picked up by many other newspapers and TV channels). It found that Male Baby Boomers are increasingly turning to suicide as a way out of their failing health and over bearing financial woes. Worryingly, their decision is often made when they have only recently seen their doctor who probably told them of a decline or worsening of their health issues.

These feelings of paranoia and loneliness, sleeping difficulties, heightened levels of stress and anxiety are not unnatural in older citizens, especially after perhaps the loss of a loved one or retirement, but need to be controlled. There are male anti aging doctors who can steer you through these situations, but you can help yourself by looking into proven ways to get a better nights sleep and reduce stress by implementing stress reduction methods.

Instead of just watching TV try keeping your memory skills and cognitive functions honed by playing games that can help you to this end. You can find free memory games online or try buying Sudoku puzzles that will stimulate your aging male brain.

Male aging depression is real but it doesn’t have to be part of your old age.

There’s loads of anti aging methods for men that if implemented will go some way to slowing down the male aging process and help you to regain some of the abilities you possessed when you were younger. There’s no doubt that not everything is going to be successful, nor will your body be responsive to every treatment, exercise or anti aging diet you put in place.

Your health is important no matter what age you are, but as you get older it becomes increasingly more difficult to regain it if you let it slip. If you’re serious about your health then the key is to continue giving different things a go until you discover which male anti aging tips work best for you. Once you get to that point you then need to be vigilant towards your health, this way your body and mind will continue to work as it should well into your twilight years." />

ALCAR a Mitochondria Empowering Antiaging Nootropic for Biohacking Hepatic Encephalopathy

This amino acid is an important aspect of your body’s ability to generate energy through the mitochondrial metabolic process. Carnitine (It’s name when found in nature), L-Carnitine or ALCAR (the supplement name) is also an anti-aging agent. L-Carnitine has several positive effects on the mind; faster learning, improved memory (spatial, verbal), verbal critical abilities, and constructional thinking.

ALCAR scientific studies, infographics and supplement reviews:

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