Anti Aging Facial Skin Care Routine Techniques

About Anti Aging Facial Skin Care Routine Techniques

Anti Aging Facial Procedures

Anti Aging Facial Tips Anti aging facial skin care really boils down to one thing…routine. You need to apply anti aging facial skin care techniques on a daily basis to offset the damage aging does to your skin. A comprehensive, all round routine should look to include the main 4 anti aging facial procedures as follows:

Anti Aging Facial Cleansing

This is the first step in any skin care routine but it takes on an added importance when you are looking to prevent or reduce the sign.s of aging skin. It’s imperative that any pollutants, oil, grease and dust is removed before you get down to what most people think is the most important part of applying anti aging wrinkle treatments to your skin. Using a good anti aging facial cleanser apply spots of the product to your face and massage it in the skin by using strokes from the jaw line up. Using cotton wool or a soft tissue simply pat the cleanser off when you believe the treatment is finished, closely follow the manufactures recommended instructions regarding times. You can also purchase anti aging facial wipes which will do the job just as well. Do this twice a day, once in the morning as part of your anti aging facial routine and again at night as just a cleanse.

Anti Aging Facial Toning

The next step is to tone the skin. Toning is used as a second line of attack on the facial “grime” but if you do a good enough job with the cleanse, this step can be done just once or twice a week or when you feel your skin has been exposed to higher than normal levels of pollution. A good example of this approach is when you have spent time in a city when normal levels of pollution you are exposed to would come from a town environment. Again, you can pick up a good quality anti aging facial toner for less than a bottle of red wine, it will last longer and do you more good too.

Anti Aging Facial Exfoliating

This step is again optional as part of a daily routine but it should be done at least once and if you are exposed to high levels of pollution perhaps two or three times per week. Exfoliation works with the skins natural procedure of renewing cells every three to four weeks. It removes dead skin cells, unblocking pores and helping the facial skin to work at it’s most optimum. It will pay you to buy the very best anti aging facial scrub you can afford. Cheaper ones can be too harsh, damaging the top layer of skin. Also don’t over do it. Light exfoliation is by far the best way to get results. If you find your skin feeling sore after exfoliating leave it out of your regime for a week and reduce the amount of times you include it in your anti aging facial steps. You’re the best person to decide how often to use this technique.

Anti Aging Facial Moisturizing

Anti Aging Facial Moisturizing Cream BenefitsPerhaps the most important step to fight aging. The anti aging facial benefits of moisturizing are huge. The main result you get from applying a good quality moisturizer is the way it prevents the skin from drying out. Dry skin leads to lines and wrinkles around the face and neck. Use the same upwards strokes as cleansing when you apply the moisturizing cream or lotion, and do try to apply it to damp skin. It also works better if the skin to be treated is warm. Moisturizers are also a good medium to include a high SPF sunscreen. The benefits to aging skin are multiplied when you apply a sun protection anti-aging facial moisturizer spf 50 before you leave the house in the morning. Sun is the worst cause of skin becoming old before it’s time.

Anti Aging Facial Massage Technique

A very simple but effective way of applying your moisturizer that has the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety which relaxes the facial muscles so improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The next thing in facial skin care is moisturizing. In fact moisturizing is the most important part of facial skin care routine. Moisturizers prevent your skin from getting dry. Dry skin is really undesirable since it cause the upper layer skin to break, leading to dead skin cells. Again, use light upward strokes to make the moisturizer more effective. Moisturizers work the best when applied on warm and damp skin. So do not try to remove all the moisture in the previous steps of your anti aging facial skin care routine.

Following these simple steps gives your aging facial skin a fighting chance of staying fresh and young looking but being aware of the following as it can also help with your anti aging facial skin care.

  • Don’t just wash your make up off, use a proper make-up remover instead.
  • Choose the anti aging facial products that best suit your skin type and the environment you spend most of your time in.
  • Don’t rub products into your skin, you can cause serious damage over time, use the techniques outlined above
  • Test out new purchases of even the best anti aging facial products before you apply them to your face. Dab a little on the back of your neck or ear lobe to test for any reaction.
  • Always use a high SPF sunscreen for maximum anti aging protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

And to finish this off I would like to quote two simple yet fantastic pieces of advice passed on by Dr. Howard Murad

Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.

Healthy, hydrated cells are the key to ageless skin and a healthy body

Try to remember these two quotes and use their simplicity to inspire you to maintain your daily anti aging facial skin care regime." />

Facial Massage

There's something for everyone is this smoothing, relaxing, invigorating and brightening daily or weekly facial massage.

I used Dermalogica Precleanse but you can use any facial massage oil or cleanser as long as it doesn't drag the skin or dry out too quickly.

This can be done alone or as part of a full facial (cleanse, exfoliate, mask, massage, tone and then moisturise)

Any questions, please ask but do look at all the other comment to find an answer as I cannot repeat answers.

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