Anti Aging Skin Care Secrets

Anti Aging Ageing Through LifeWe are all aware that getting old is an inevitable fact of life, what the majority of us don’t know however, is that physical ageing is not all down to simply the passing of years. When you closely inspect how you live your life, chances are you will clearly identify with more than one of the things I am about to highlight as being the top ten causes of premature aging. By simply not doing the following ten things you will end up wasting time and money on expensive anti aging products by looking (and feeling) years older than you actually are.

A recent biological markers study showed that premature aging could be reversed if you were to just introduce each of the following top ten anti aging tips into your every day life.

  •  Replace Drinking Other Liquids With Drinking More Water

Ever looked at someone, say a well know celebrity, who has lived their life “hard” and commented they look old before their time? This is known as lifestyle induced aging. By doing very much as you please when you are young, staying up late, drinking copious amounts of alcohol or not eating a good balanced diet, your biological markers can quite frighteningly be as much as ten years or more older than your real age.

One of the easiest anti aging methods that can help prevent signs of premature aging is to drink enough water. It’s well documented just how good for your health drinking between six and eight glasses of water can be but it’s easy to ignore such simple advice, dismissing it totally because you believe it can not work as well as all those expensive anti aging skin care products. Water keeps our organs healthy and our skin hydrated and looking glowing but are you aware that drinks like coffee and tea that contain caffeine force the body to rid itself of water, much like a diuretic, causing organs not to be able to function as they should, skin to become dry, giving the impression it is sagging, and overtime you take on the appearence of someone older than you really are.

  • Get More Sleep

There is no doubt we have all experienced those feelings that come with not getting the right amount of sleep. When you are tired you don’t feel on top of your game, however those feelings and the struggle to get through the day are not the end of the problem.

Your body needs to completely rest to recharge, by not getting the optimal amount of sleep the body needs you could trigger anxiety or depression or both. This is because lack of sleep causes the body to release a hightened level of the stress hormone.

Cortisol, under normal circumstances and at the correct levels, is there to help you cope with the stresses of every day life but when you get too much the body automatically slows down production of collagen. As you may or may not know, skin needs collagen to remain healthy looking, without collagen it will begin to sag and wrinkle wich again will only promote the look of premature aging.

Not only will you outwardly show signs of aging but internally premature aging is taking place as well. Your eyes will tell you when you prematurely aged internally. Dark bags will appear under them as well as those tell tale fine lines. The promotion of growth hormone, the body needs this to help keep bones stong, is badly effected which could lead to osteoporosis through weak bones in later life.

  • Clean Up Your Act

Bad habits not only lead to an unhealthy life, they increase the chance of contracting a life threatening condition and are proven to cause premature aging. One of the best anti aging tips I can give you is that if you do smoke, pack in now. We are undoubtedly now all aware of the serious health implications smoking has, but it also speeds up the aging process within the body.

Bad Habits Cause Premature Aging

Not only can certain bad habits cause problems with the health of your organs and lead to life-threatening conditions, but they can also lead to premature aging. Smoking can cause a host of health problems that can shorten your life. By smoking, the enzymes in the body are put into overdrive, having a negative effect on the skins appearance, causing wrinkles, lines, bags, dark circles around the eyes and sallow looking, saggy skin.

Smoking is very effective at reducing the production of that all important collagen and the nicotine in the cigarettes thins the skin, impacting heavily on the appearance of the skin. It gets worse though, drinking is also a cause of premature aging. We know the damage it does to the liver but drinking alcohol is a certain way of killing off the cells the body uses in detoxing itself. The toxins that are normally destroyed by these cells then go about speeding up the aging process. Dehydration also becomes a bigger problem through the consumption of alcohol, as does the cell damage caused by the refined white sugars most alcohol contains.

Good circulation is also essential to both optimal functioning internal organs and healthy looking skin but drinking alters how the body is able to use the circulated blood. Bad circulation will eventually lead to premature aging internally, which you can’t see and externally by visible spider viens on all limbs, especially the legs.

Anti Aging Stress Is BAD


  •   Stop Aging – Take An Anti Aging “Chill Pill”

I hope you are all familiar with the effects that stress can have on the body. Small amounts are OK, large amounts are BAD and can cause you to prematurely age. The bodies DNA strands have ends, known as telomeres, that are there to protect the cells which is an important part of enabling them to divide successfully. The telomeres in healthy, properly functioning bodies are longer than in an unhealthy body. This shorter length is the cause of high levels of stress. Cells that are unable to divide successfully will die which leads to an increased chance of major health issues, a big cause of premature aging.

Studies have indicated that there is a link between shortened telomeres and stress from different sources, like emotional stress, chronic anxiety and stress in the workplace. If you are serious about taking precautions that will enhance anti aging you will want to put in place steps to remove this level of stress from your life sooner rather than later because if you don’t you might be too late. You could use an online stress elimination course, get some help through stress counciling or just work on it yourself with the help of advice from anti aging books.

  • Increasing Your BMI Is One Of The Biggest Anti Aging Secrets

This natural anti aging tip is not one of the anti aging procedures you would naturally think of. This is partly due to the high volume of articles circulating the internet telling you it is better to have a low body mass index if you want to prevent obesity and other long term health problems. It will come as a complete contridiction to current best advice, but having a low BMI is not necessarily the best thing for you. A low BMI has to be right for your build. Look at it this way; if you are using a low BMI as a way to prevent diabetes or other weight related problem you would probably believe that having a low BMI would help your cause, but it’s not the real truth. To have a low BMI you will need to carry less weight, but if you have a heavy build then not having the correct mass for your bodily build will lead to you having a BMI which is too low and premature aging can be triggered by too low a Body Mass Index.

Any doctor or health professional will tell you it is best to fall within the prescribed BMI range for your build and not one that could be seen as being too low. A low BMI impacts on the body through soft tissue loss and guess what that can cause. Yes, it’s another cause of slowing down production of collagen, and we already know what happens when naturally produced collagen is in short supply. So if you want to stave off the wrinkles, facial lines and sagging skin, as well as low energy and a weakened immune system then stay within the recommended healthy BMI range by eating the best foods for anti aging.

  • Eat An Anti Aging Diet

No doubt you have come across the saying “You are what you eat” in the past. You may have thought the message was about a healthy diet being good for your weight be that for weight loss or weight maintenance but eating healthy has a major impact on antiaging.

Eating healthily will help you in your fight against premature aging, but eating unhealthily will bring on those signs far quicker and at different rates depending on just how unhealthy you are eating. Certain food types can cause short term and long term problems that will make you look older than your years. Sugars are a perfect example. High intakes of sugar, as well as the obvious of adding to your weigh, is another cause of low collagen production and the problems with your appearance  that come with it.

What is not immediately obvious is the internal damage prolonged high intake of certain foods cause. An unhealthy diet can cause premature aging of the bodies vital organs. The liver has a way of repairing itself when damaged through alcohol but it can not rid itself of the fat attached to the external surface caused by these types of unhealthy foods. A high carb, low protein diet, yo-yo dieting, crash diets, fad diets and diets that need you to limit or totally remove one of the food groups like for example white carbohydrates.

  • All Anti Aging Solutions Need To Include Some Anti Aging Exercises

Sitting about all day will double the possibility that you will show signs of premature aging. Although it’s main benefits are seen as weight related and mental well-being , anti aging exercises help keep your muscles in shape, bones strong and keep at bay the health issues surrounding a less than active lifestyle and unhealthy weight. Use it or lose it is a mantra you should adopt when fighting aging.

We have talked about DNA and telomeres before, By using anti aging exercises you help in slowing cell death, a factor in getting old early, and the benefits exercise such as yoga for anti aging bring to blood circulation can reduce your chances of serious heart disease along with many other health conditions linked to an inactive lifestyle. Being more active can also pay dividends to your immune system, strengthening it, helping in it’s fight against inflammation, a major cause of premature old age.

  •  Anti Aging Treatments For Depression Stop Aging Prematurely

We all feel down at times. More often than not these periods of the “blues” don’t hang about for long as we have the inner strength to naturally get back on track quickly. These episodes of depression don’t normally have any effect on your efforts  to reverse aging skin. It is however different when it comes to recurring, extended bouts of feeling down or if the diagnosis is depression, which is proven to cause the bodies cells to age far more quickly than usual.

Depression also leads to the development of any number of serious heath problems more often seen in people of more advanced years. All these issues, which include such problems as cardiovascular disease, muscle weakness, cognitive problems, tremors, weakened bone strength and once again a shortening of the telomeres, can ultimately lead to premature aging.

By putting in place anti aging treatments such as exercise like yoga for anti aging, consuming plenty of anti aging nutrition and learning antiaging systems that help you better manage stress and anxiety in your life before they become serious and turn in to being depression, you can protect yourself from the effects they may have on your biological markers.

  • Sun Damage AntagingUse Anti Aging Sunscreen To Prevent The Signs Of Early Ageing

If you reside in the UK, you will quite likely have heard of the Which? survey that exposed two brands of sunscreen that claimed to give a certain level of protection against the effects the sun has on skin only for them to actually only return a level of protection of around 50% of that stated. This highlights the problem we have when picking the right anti aging sunscreen to apply when out in the sun.

The success of your anti aging skin care regimen could be at risk if you chose the wrong anti aging lotion for sun protection because the wrong one may not contain enough of the preventative ingredients needed to shield your skin from sun damage. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays causes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin through dehydration.

It’s also important to buy and use the best anti aging eye cream you can afford. You have probably noticed how much you squint in bright sunlight. This action is what can cause fine lines, the dreaded crows feet and sagging around the region of the eyes. You know that wearing sunglasses will go a great way to helping with the sun problem but also consider wearing them during bright, winter days, especially when living in an area that is prone to snow.

Sun damage to your skin will cause the natural collagen your body produces to dry up quicker than usual, this will accelerate the apperance of old skin, with it looking and feeling dry and weathered. Using only the best anti aging moisturizer with spf for when you are not sitting in the sun but just out and about walking and you will see a marked difference in a very short time.

As bad as the last issue can be, more serious is the damage sunburn does to the cells of the skin. Cell damage from over-exposure to the sun can result in melanoma, a form of skin cancer that is know to spread and effect other of the bodies organs.

Although we are better educated than ever on the effects the sun can have on the skins appearance, you still see plenty of evidence of people not using the best anti aging sunscreen, walking around on day one of their holidays with all exposed skin red from sunburn, something that will eventually catch up with them and rapidly increase aging.

Here’s Why You Might Want To Apply Anti Aging Sunscreen

  • Stay Abreast Of The Latest Anti Aging News

The saying goes that “knowledge is choice” and this is no different when you are putting in place anti aging procedures. Don’t take the process and speed of aging without making an effort to research how you can reverse aging skin. Look at everything from anti aging books to the top 10 anti aging foods, they will all help you fight aging and make a marked impact on diseases that include heart disease, intestinal problems, cognitive ability and even dementia. People who suffer with these diseases have a high mortality rate, many die well before their time due to premature aging.

We know we are going to get old, it’s just how it is, but there are ways and means we can implement to greatly slow down the whole process. Some are easy, like always using the best anti aging sunscreen, others will be harder and may take longer to see results, but your anti aging research will eventually pay dividends so you can live your life peacefully and in good health, aging at a far reduced speed and intensity.